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yippee direct payments

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onlyjoking9329 · 14/11/2005 21:13

i asked a while back for advice about direct payment for my three who have autism, got a phone call to say yes all three could have it 8 hours each per month, as a starting point it seems ok but 2 hours a week each isnt really much, anyone else get it and what sort of hours?

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Davros · 15/11/2005 20:21

I do. I now get 10 hours a week but it started as 2.5 hrs and I was just happy to get in the system. It has worked as its gone up each year, this is our 3rd year. Its quite a lot of paperwork but, once you get it off to a fine art, its OK and well worth it. Great news!

onlyjoking9329 · 15/11/2005 21:39

thanks davros,good to hear it might go up, can't wait for 3 lots of paperwork, like you say we are now in the system.

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