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Developmental delay or CP?

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Pages · 19/10/2005 13:00

Just wondered what's the difference? I am aware what the difference is in terms of there being a long term motor difficulty if it is CP, but in practical terms how do you tell one from the other when they are small? My DS1 has developmental delay and all his motor function has been quite badly affected by low tone, in exactly the way you mums with a dx of CP describe (have been reading Jenk's thread about her DD). He does also have speech and language delay, and his comprehension is over a year behind. Is this the difference?

OP posts:
jenk1 · 20/10/2005 13:17

pages, im in exactly the same situation as you, dd has development delay problems with her legs, difficulty swallowing and doesnt talk much, ive been reading up on CP and you are right the two conditions are so similar.

We wont know until 7 November when she will see the paediatrician, i THINK its CP because dd,s legs are so weak and they have already diagnosed development delay but want her in for extra tests but only time will tell, what happenend when your DS1 got diagnosed?

butty · 20/10/2005 18:15

Hi pages,
My son has Global development delay, he has just started walking 6 steps with the aid of a splint but struggles very much, he does not talk at all and is classed as having severe learning difficulties. He will be 3 in january.
He at first was diagnosed with low tone CP, but then the neuroligist changed it to global develoment delay!!!
He has had an MRI today as well as a skin biopsy and 10 different bloodtests as they think he has a chromasome disorder!!!!
I think that GDD and CP are very similar, if not too similar to be different!!!


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