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home schooling or flexing school ?? Help!!!

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lars · 15/10/2005 16:54

My ds has been excluded once again from school. DS has a statement but the problem is the school just cannot cope. I am told by the LEA a mainstream school although I'm not sure if this is the answer.

I don't really want to do home schooling but feel the alternatives are pretty slim but can I do flexing schooling.
I do not want to send him back to his present school and told the head on Friday the exclusions that my ds keep getting are not helping my son or his education and his risked permanent exclusion if ds goes back.


OP posts:
freakyzebra · 16/10/2005 19:22

sorry I have no idea, Lars, but thought maybe I could bump this 4 u.

Blandmum · 16/10/2005 19:26

I'm sorry but I don't know the back ground to your ds's problems in school, and I'm sorry that this has happened.

How much support was he getting via the statement? (not enough I bet )

What is the LEA saying? Are they recomending another mainstream? A special school? PRU?

Is there any chance that the school can increase the support/provision for your son? How much support would yeou get thhrough home schooling? Would you be able to cope on a longer term basis without suppot/ a break etc.....sorry if this sounds rude, I'm jusr worried as to how you will cope if the school cant, also realise that you may be able to cope fine IYSWIM

Davros · 16/10/2005 20:01

Why don't you try contacting Education Otherwise, the organisation for home schoolers. I think they have a growing number of SN members. They're bound to know something about this. Many children on ABA home programs do home prog plus school and it can be agreed very easily or be a total mare!!

MrsForgetMeNotFul · 16/10/2005 20:37

his author 'mike stanton' has spoken of Flexi Schooling alot...and i have a fantastic book he wrote's a site that he has put some useful info on....say if you want more info!!! (you know once i start i cannot stop)

\link{ this helps}

MrsForgetMeNotFul · 16/10/2005 20:38

hope this helps

lars · 17/10/2005 08:43

thanks everyone for your support, should have read flexi schooling.

Mrs forgetful any more info would be great.

DS has a statement has 23 and half hour of support. Main stream is just so difficult as I cannot change ds behaviours as much as I would like.
Aspergers is someting we are looking at as well, we just dont know why ds behaves the way he does and would like more answers which are slow in coming I have to say.


OP posts:
MrsForgetMeNotFul · 17/10/2005 09:29

LARS...apologies about my info being ASPERGER's related...i tend to forget that not everyone has IT!!!!
(mind you mention he may have hope it still helps!)

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