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jenk1 · 14/10/2005 14:56

have just got off the phone with my social worker, dd has been dx with development delay and she said that we should be able to get portage and to ask my hv for a referral, however my hv is on holiday for a week so was just wondering if anyone can tell me what this is and if with a dx of development delay dd would qualify for it

OP posts:
doormat · 14/10/2005 15:06

jenk yes my ds had portage and they were very good
usually you get assigned to a portage worker and they show you how to do things with your child for example hand to eye co-ordination the portage worker in our case came once a week and she showed us local sn schools and which one we would prefer etc.
portage worker stopped when ds started nursey.
my ds has sgdd
it is a good thing jenk

Saker · 14/10/2005 15:54

see here . I think you can refer yourself also.

MorticiaMerlot · 14/10/2005 16:09

We also get portage and ds2 has developmental delay.

coppertop · 16/10/2005 12:47

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jenk1 · 16/10/2005 17:12

Aww coppertop she sounds lovely

OP posts:
r3dh3d · 16/10/2005 19:09

We've recently started portage.

We've had a number of failed referrals, which Portage assure me "got lost" but eventually got through and then queued to get to the top of the list. Portage queues vary with area, ours is normally about 6m though the previous cock-ups meant we jumped the queue a little.

We then got an initial assessment; the Portage head of the area came out to check that H met their criteria: she had to be delayed in at least 2 different areas (which she was) & not attending any other special ed provision, eg SN supported nursery. Then we had to wait for a place to come free; about 6 weeks. Our portage teacher is coming weekly; doing her first couple of visits with Helena's other home therapists (SALT and visual) and then they'll work out a joint programme. This is good because otherwise you end up doing v similar exercises multiple times.

Portage is very good; because it is in your own home it gives you lots of pointers for how to play with them yourself; also it's good to have someone who sees them more frequently and can give you feedback on how they are progressing, rather than basing it on a single appointment in an unfamiliar environment - I find H either plays up or plays down! So far would heartily recommend it.

elliemae · 17/10/2005 22:19

my dd 2.8 yrs has a dev delay and has been having portage for 6 months it has made all the difference ! hope the wait isn`t long .

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