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Friend's dd has CP

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Bobsmum · 09/09/2003 12:05

Hello SN mums! I'm gatecrashing for a bit of advice. One of my best friend's dd's has CP. She'll be one in a couple of weeks and so far has been making good progress.

I asked what she would like for her first birthday and my friend said something that will help develop her hand-eye coordination. She's trying to give her age appropriate toys because her various professionals have told her her dd is bright. However, her dd is unable to grasp or hold anything. Any ideas for a pressie that will stimulate her without "babying" her??

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fio2 · 09/09/2003 12:25

I know this a boring one but usually its building blocks or stacking cups or very simple picture books with lift the flap or something. I know mothercare have just had some very large peg board jigsaws in where the pieces are huge in comparison to normal peg board jigsaws. They are made by mega blocks or maxi brick (I think) and they are just like the special needs jigsaws that you pay a fortune for. Also things like finger paints are good. Will shut up nowSmile

2under2 · 09/09/2003 12:34

bobsmum, I bought a cot activity center from TinyLove a while ago which is brilliant for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Got it from mothercare for around £35 (not cheap - I don't know whether this is in your price range). It's got 2 different sides and has some fun activities with music.

LIZS · 09/09/2003 12:43

How about a wooden bead frame toy - elc do a couple or there are some that are more elaborate and have wheels and string to trundle along later. Ohterwise a wooden track toy that you feed either a ball or car in the top and it runs down a series of tracks to the bottom - again elc or Ikea have them.

eidsvold · 09/09/2003 19:45

as fio said - my dd was having to work on hand eye coordination and they ot suggested the puzzles - where they take the piece out and then fit in back in. Mothercare do ones that have large knobs that are easier to grasp - so we bought dd one of those and then a friend bought one that makes sounds when you put the animals back in their space. dd loves it when we put them back in for her. I think that second one is an ELC one. Dd loves the wooden puzzles. she is 13mths.

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