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Setting up/Running a support group

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Davros · 04/09/2003 22:35

I think someone asked recenlty about setting up a support group. I run a group for about 35 families. I'm happy to give anyone who wants it the benefit of my mistakes! Too late to go into it now so if anyone is intersted, please let me know.

OP posts:
mrsforgetful · 05/09/2003 23:04

think it was me!!!!

could i send my details to you on the 'contact a member' so you could at your leisure grab some info together and post/mail me??
but no probs if your happy to do it this way ...just do whats easiest for you!

basically my idea is to organise something that is school based so that us 'isolated' mums get to feel more comfy in the playground and possibly get some kind of involvement from the teachers as far as us getting guidance with homework etc (as they do loads of workshops for 'normal literacy/maths/science' but nothing to help us with our children that literally cry tears of frustration etc and in my sons case end up with no confidence.I also like the idea of some kind of newsletter that i could produce to supplement the existing school one which tells us things like : 'can all children come to school having had breakfast- a couple of biscuits is not adequate'- that again is ok if your child loves 'breakfast' but if like my son he will eat 2 choc chip cookies in 5 mins but take 30-40 mins to eat 1 peice of toast/and hates 'soggy' textures of cereal ...then cookies it will be....however now eating 1 mcvities sweet waffle with chocolate icecream sauce- god knows what she'll think of that!!!

anyhow let me know how you want to proceed!

Davros · 07/09/2003 13:53

mrsforgetful, please feel free to contact me privately through the website. I think I could give you some useful tips as I definitely made mistakes early on. I'm also quite involved in my son's school parents' group so that might be even more relevant. I'll wait to hear from you.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 07/09/2003 19:17

oh god school snack times. The children are not allowed biscuits. Last week I sent ds1 to nursery without a biscuit for the first time ever (forgot) and he was absolutely distraught sobbing his eyes out when I picked him up. What on earth am I going to do about the government bloody fresh bloody fruit directive?

mrsforgetful · 07/09/2003 23:44

just packed my youngest's school bag ready for his first day tomorrow....and i smiled when i was actually able to pack an apple which i know he will love....the older 2 were picky eaters from birth and like you ....distraught when they couldn't have biscuits etc....i just don't see why they aren't allowed to take a 'squeezy yogurt' (no spoon) or cheesestring or even a small sandwhich...i understand the thing about some kids bringing choc may not be fair the the ones'not allowed' but surely they could compramise and think about these kids who just aren't fussy...they simply CANNOT EAT SOME THINGS!

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