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mrsforgetful · 04/09/2003 21:39

just wondered if anyone else struggled finding suitable shoes for their 'special' children- my eldest is nearly 10 and has diag of aspergers and adhd (tho i see alot of dyspraxic things too!) main prob is he cannot tie laces...he's a size 3 1/2 and even clarkes seem to stop putting velcro/stretchy laces on past size 2...yet i've seen mens shoes with velcro!!! (but they start at size 6!)
eventually found a pair in Marks and spencers!(go up to size 8 adult!!!!!)

does anyone know how i can get stretch laces or the curly ones!!!!

its funny really how even buying shoes is 'different' and more time consuming ...let alone how stressful it is for the child who in my case has a very short tolerance to people touching him and to any we rarely go shopping....but shoes have to be fitted!

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misdee · 04/09/2003 21:42

i think u can get curly laces at some toy shops, unfortunatly the only colours i've seen are fluroescent, dunno if his school would allow this.
if u want to order online i'm sure i can dig sommat up shortly for u.

misdee · 04/09/2003 21:50
Bossanova · 04/09/2003 23:00

I've got a brand new white pair of the curly laces you can have if you want to contact me via 'contact another talker'. No charge - we don't need them anymore.

mrsforgetful · 05/09/2003 22:51

thanks BOSSANOVE- have mailed my address to you- i am deeply touched that you have offered this!
thanks MISSDEE also ... i've checked out the websites and am thinking about getting some to 'donate' to the Autism Outreach Centre which allowed my son to attend a playscheme they ran this summer- i thought they could give them or sell them at a jumble sale to help other children with this difficulty

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mrsforgetful · 19/09/2003 21:13

Shoelaces are in his trainers and i'm so grateful to you! i cant wait till the next 'non-uniform day' at school- guess what he'll have on his feet!

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Bossanova · 19/09/2003 21:43

My pleasure. Glad he likes them!

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