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Got BIBIC appt for 1st Nov- what do I need to know?

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PeachyClairPumpkinPie · 07/10/2005 16:36

Well the title says it all

Not going to the usual one in Bridgwater but the new one in Usk, so i dubt anyone on here has been there? Everything else is the same though.

Have no idea what to advise DS's is going to happen, what to expect myself or take.

OP posts:
sylvm · 08/10/2005 14:58

How old is DS - my DD is 8, we just said we were going somewhere where they would look at what she could do and they would help us with the things she finds difficult. I can't advise regarding what you need to take because obviously things are going to be a bit different from Somerset. Can you stay on site in Usk? I would have thought the set up will probably be the same. They send some detailed forms for you to fill in before you go and will approach other professionals involved (such as school) for input if you authorise this. They also like a bit of video of your child doing normal things if this is possible. Other than that just take what makes you and your son comfortable. If you want to ask anything else, please do - you can CAT me if you want. Hope it goes well!

PeachyClairPumpkinPie · 09/10/2005 21:07

Sam is 5.

we're not staying on site, but tht's coz Usk is 7 miles- don't know if it is an option or not.

OP posts:
Jayzmummy · 09/10/2005 22:05 glad you are going. Im sure you you'll gain a lot from your time there. You have my email and I am happy to anser any questions you have. Its been a busy weekend here with A&C to bed now. You know where I am if you want a chat

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