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Coping with more mainstream

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Blossomhowl · 07/10/2005 08:28

Spoke to the unit and dd is now fully mainstream for literacy and only does 2 sessions of numeracy in the unit and 3 in ms.

Teacher said she is coping really well and only has 1 large session of social skills and that's about it!

It is a bit scary but it's also a positive in that when dd started 2 years ago she was in the unit everyday. I am really pleased but anxious at the same time.

Obv. when she is in the ms she has a support assistant there if needed so they haven't just thrown her into the deep end so to speak!

OP posts:
nutcackle · 07/10/2005 08:50

Well thats just wonderful and a credit to all the hard work you put in and support you give your Dd

maddiemo · 07/10/2005 09:41

I know how you feel. We just started some mainstreaming for ds3, so far so good

heartinthecountry · 07/10/2005 09:59

Ahh, she is doing so well isn't she? great news.

wickedwitchmonica · 07/10/2005 21:39

This is so wonderful she has progessed so much, it's so good you can look back and reflect too, not always easy to do! xx

Blossomhowl · 08/10/2005 09:35

Thanks everyone. I am really proud of dd as she is the only child in that year group that is able to go almost fully into mainstream so it really is a huge step.
I have to say as well that since starting cranial I have seen huge improvements in her chatting and concentration too.

OP posts:
MorticiaMerlot · 08/10/2005 13:54

Thats great news BH

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