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A crappy day.....

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eidsvold · 06/10/2005 07:35

I know this is not that bad compared to what some of you face but I felt like I had a crappy day and so am just here for a moan - tell me to get a grip if you want to [ grin]

Well started with dd1 throwing toys to dd2 in the cot but the toys invariably hit dd2 in the head - cue screaming ( me - I am trying to get my teeth cleaned and get dressed so we can leave for kindy)

THen cue phone call - dd1 then grabs the phone and proceeds to flush said phone - main phone of 2 phone system..... managed to just stop it going round the s-bend..... opkay - bad mummy moment - shouted at dd1 to stop touching things that don't belong to her - know she doesn't mean it.. .and I should have shut toilet door ..

Then a friend minded dd1 for me whilst I took dd2 for her ultrasound.... dd1 tops of the visit by biting her little friend on the hand - could it get worse...

dd2 has had no sleep today and so is just screaming - it is 37/38 degrees - house is as hot as hell as it has been shut up all day.

Phone still not working.....

Had tupperware party - delivery tomorrow - two people not paid and said they couldn't until next week so I am stuck finding that money at the end of a very tight week.....

I am hot, tired, have a headache and cranky.

Here endeth the moan.....

OP posts:
starshaker · 06/10/2005 07:39

where do you live i want to move there.

think you should sit down with a nice cup of coffee and a big slab of choccie cake.

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