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Dla appeal

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jenk1 · 05/10/2005 18:41

has anyone ever been to a DLA appeal?

If so can you tell me what to expect, i got the appeal form today but it really doesnt give me much information.


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PottytheVampireSlayer · 05/10/2005 19:11

Jenk - I went to appeal for dd.

Have you had a look at They have a sort of step by step guide to appeals, it's very useful.

At our appeal there were 3 people on the panel, a doctor, a disability advisor and a solicitor. A chap from the DWP was also there but apparently that doesn't always happen (and the panel were quite sarcastic about him turning up and weren't very nice to him lol). It was very official but the panel were very pleasant especially the doctor who really 'got' dd's problems which was nice. They understood that it was quite stressful.

I went along by myself, but would recommend taking someone along if you possibly can. Some Citizen's Advice Bureau will help you with the appeal forms or approach a disability service locally for some help.

Good luck.

(we won by the way )

jenk1 · 05/10/2005 20:36

thanks for the info

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