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How sad Am I??..........

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anniebear · 04/10/2005 10:42

Girls are in School and I thought I had better do a bit of tidying up (can't belive I said that word....tidy!!!)

Thought I would put on a CD and have just gone straight to Barney and Tweenies to pick one!!!!

I wonder if my head will ever get back to normal?! (whatever that is!!)

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KarenThirl · 04/10/2005 11:12

Maybe you need cognitive behavioural therapy to teach you how to act like a grown up again!

Enjoy the peace, annie!

anniebear · 04/10/2005 11:18

Lol, there are most probably lots of therapies I need!!!!

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coppertop · 04/10/2005 11:28

I can almost forgive the Tweenies but Barney???! Noooooooooooooooo! Step away from the CDs and enjoy the rest of your day.

anniebear · 04/10/2005 11:31

Hey don't knock Barney!!! For the past two years or so, he has made it possible for me to have a wash and breakfast without being screamed at

OP posts:
coppertop · 04/10/2005 11:34

Hmmmm...In that case I can almost forgive the purple monster.....I said almost!

anniebear · 04/10/2005 11:52


Don't care who they watch if I can escape to get dressed!!

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