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Really impressed with the RDI dvd so far

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Saker · 01/10/2005 14:33

We have watched about 1/2 of it so far. I am really impressed by what I have seen. In particular the way it identifies a logical progression of steps to work through and ways to test success. It is such a contrast to the disorganised haphazard way many of the other types of therapy that I have been offered do things. And it makes so much sense.

Also my Dh who was more sceptical to start with is impressed. I hope we can actually try and put some of it into practice together.

I understand that there is likely to be a parent workshop in London in March.

Only downside is that I am starting to think that Ds2 may be on the spectrum .

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 01/10/2005 22:59

Saker sounds realy good. I must find out more about RDI. Even thought about possibly ABA for dd but still not sure if it's right.

Sorry to hear you think ds may be on the spectrum. I know how you feel as I am like that with dd. There is such a fuzzy line between where children with say language impairments start and asd begins. Have you spoken to anyone about it professionally?

Saker · 01/10/2005 23:16

Oh he's been seen by everyone under the sun and is acknowledged to have some autistic features, but doesn't tick all the boxes for anything. He communicates well at home and initiates lots of communication / joins in well in the family, but watching this dvd brought home to me how little non-verbal communication he has. He doesn't even understand if you nod or shake your head at him. However he has a lot of dyspraxic features as well and I think it is underestimated what a big impact that has on his ability to use his body for any type of communication. I feel less scared of an ASD diagnosis now than I would a year ago, and in a way he is what he is, it doesn't change him.

Either way I would really recommend the dvd for an insight into autism and a different way of looking at it. And some hope that it can be treated. I can see why the people doing this program are so excited.

OP posts:
monica2 · 01/10/2005 23:32

Glad you have found the dvd of use Saker, it certainly made the deficits a lot more easier to understand to us. Also how the programme works makes a lot of sense to us, like the referencing, it has made us more aware of how poor dd's non verbal stuff is (I'm really sorry you may be seeing this in your ds2) For us it made complete sense in how us as parents can address positively dd's autism, even with all the outside input she recieves we felt that we could be doing so much more and now we feel that we are making the most of every intereaction she has with us. We are also combining it with many of the s.i.d. stuff you told us about (thanks so much for that) also got the Out of Synch book too! so don't be put off by any of the physical excercises.

BH been thinking about your dd and RDI and I honestly believe it could help any child with social difficulties as is it a "Relationship Development Programme" will fill you in more if you like (got virus thingy atm) but was thinking of your post the other day re the anger stuff too which I think I have stuff from the consultant for dd which may be of help to you seen as our dd's seem so similar!!!Hope are things are better honey x

Blossomhill · 02/10/2005 12:31

Hi Monica, sorry you are not feeling very well atm

Yes I do think our dd's do sound very similar indeed. Dd is such a complex little thing it's untrue. Well RDI sounds great if it does help with social interaction. Poor dd wants to interact but doesn't get it "right". Please don't shoot me down for this but sometimes I think it would be easier if she didn't as it's so heartbreaking watching her struggle.

When you are feeling better would be great if you we could have a chat. Anything that helps dd I am interested in!

Things are a bit better thanks. Am going into see head of unit about the teachers comments that dd's inappropriate behaviour has got to stop. Yeah right, if only it was that easy!!!!

Lots of love Blossomxxxxxx

p.s. Are you coming to the meet?

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