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My big girl..

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eidsvold · 26/08/2003 20:58

Well tomorrow is dd's ( 13 months) first settling in period at nursery. I am so nervous and I am not even leaving her this time. It is just an hour and a half session with both of us there. I feel quite sad too - there goes my baby.....

Next week no doubt will be even worse - she will have had two half days working up to her first full day on Thursday..

Watch this space for the teary mother - thank goodness dh has to drop her off once she starts her full days - I am sure I will cry all the way to work......

So if you see a sad crazed lady in a little red car in Essex - it could be me....

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fio2 · 26/08/2003 21:31

I hope everything goes alright for you both tommorrow, Im sure once she is settled she will love itSmile It is a weird feeling though leaving them for the first time its like you've forgot something its really strange. When my dd started school I was 'lost' and really upset for weeks I really did underestimate how I would feel.

eidsvold I am glad I am not the only one who remembers wellies at the birthWink

2under2 · 27/08/2003 13:31

ahh eidsvold - (((hugs))) - I hope everything will go fine and that your dd will have a wonderful time. It's so hard particularly when it's your first - I remember dd1 starting nursery and not knowing what to do with myself (plus worrying like mad). I hope you'll settle into a routine soon, too (and no clinging at dropping-off time!).

eidsvold · 27/08/2003 15:39

well today - for her brief settling in session - she did not bother with me at all. She sat in amongst all the other kids - played with all sorts of toys, crawled around the room, patted the kids and when one boy tried to crawl away from her grabbed his shirt and tried to pull him back. Me - I almost cried!!!

I am so glad I will be sooo busy with work that I won't have time to dwell on how she is getting on - my brain will be on overload getting back to full time teaching!! That is what I tell myself anyway

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lou33 · 27/08/2003 15:44

Eidsvold I am so pleased for you! Well done baby Eidsvold.

Can you send me some good luck for settling ds2 into playgroup in september? It's a sn one but he has big problems with strangers, so goodness knows how he will be when we try and leave.

ThomCat · 27/08/2003 16:06

Edisvold - glad she got on OK - she's going to have a great time playing and being with all the other children.

Lou - aahhh, bless, they won't be strangers for long, I'm sure he'll love it eventually. Good luck for the first stage though. I know you'll let us know how it goes.

I can't wait for Lottie to start nursery - she loves being with other children so much and I think it'll be really good for her, really stimulating. I guess the fact that I had to go back to work when she was 4 months old makes it easier for me.

fio2 · 27/08/2003 18:17

eidsvold glad she got on ok today and you tooSmile lou Im sure your ds2 will be fine after a while but it feels horrible leaving them when they dont want to be left. My ds still cries now when I leave him at nursery but when I watch him on the monitor a minute later he is always running round the room fine - typical

eidsvold · 27/08/2003 18:17

hope it all goes okay or better than okay for you lou.....sending you all the best wishes I can....

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