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We have finally got so help!!!!

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Cosmo74 · 16/09/2005 11:59

First Sorry I have not been on much but after the nightmare of school last year - we forgot about everything over the summer and let my DS enjoy himself without any sticker charts, happy/sad faces etc.. I know probably bad think to do but just wanted to let him have a little bit of freedom - and also had another baby at end of July so was a bit busy.

Well DS started Primary 2 at start of September and I got a message the other day to call up on Tuesday to met his new teacher and a behaviour officer - was in a panic thinking I would be told it was all my fault but when I got there was surprised to see that there was a classroom support worker with her and she is starting next week with DS - she can only come a day and half a week to try some techniques with DS - but at least it is a start and now they realsise that DS needs help - the support will only be there for 6 weeks and then they make a recommendation as to who DS will be referred to...while we were there both me and teacher had to fill in a Connor questionnaire - what indication is it if DS mostly answer 3's??? The behaviour advisory officer is coming to see me at home On Tuesday to talk more about Glenn's behaviour at home - and hopefully will be able to give me more of an indication as to were we go from here.

When I cam home from the school I cried - hubby asked why as this is what we had wanted for so long but I think it is the realisation that DS is different from the others kids and I think he is starting to realise that himself - any idea on how I explain things to him - or should I wait until we get a dx to try and explain his problems.

At least this is a start and I can only hope that it helps DS.

Thanks for listening

OP posts:
lars · 16/09/2005 12:14

Hi cosmo, I've not been on mumsnet for a while and understand how you must be feeling. I've been through a similar experience with my own ds and to be honest the correct diagnosis, I am still waiting for. It can be a long process and the statmenting,etc.
This is a start and that is the main thing.
Explaining that he is different, your ds may be already aware as I've noticed children are much quicker to pick up then adults.

I think one step at a time as you haven't got a diagnosis yet and once you have a diagnosis ,read as much information you can find on the subject, so you are fully aware and then can it explain it clearly to your child.

hope this helps, good luck larsxx

Davros · 16/09/2005 19:29

Sorry its upset you though it is progress. I'm not sure if you suspect ASD of not, can't rememebr but for books on telling a child about their dx/differences you could prob get something from NAS. But I would hold off, most people I know take years before doing this, mind you I don't know your DS's age as I don't know what primary 2 is......!!

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