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Losing teeth

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doormat · 16/08/2003 13:52

Hi all,
Can anyone advise me? As you all know my ds who is 6 has special needs.He developemental age is around 6-9 months.Anyway last night I noticed that one of his bottom baby teeth is loose.
TBH I have never taken him to the dentist as he clamps his mouth whenever anyone goes nears it, including doctors.
I am taking him to the dentist next week ( I have to get this and future problems sorted)but I was wondering whether if his tooth came out in the meantime and he swallowed it would it do him any harm?
ps they would definitely have to knock him out to investigate the inside of his mouth. I dont even know whether that will be safe as we have been advised that he cannot go under an anaestethic unless it is vital.That was a few years back does it still apply.
sorry for the rant

OP posts:
2under2 · 16/08/2003 14:19

doormat, if your ds swallowed a tooth it would just be dissolved by stomach acid. I think the only potential problem is choking.
How about sedation for a dental exam? Also, with there being so many different sorts of general anaesthetics, maybe there is one that would be ok?
Let us know how the dental appointment goes - are you taking your ds to an ordinary dentist?

doormat · 16/08/2003 14:24

thanx 2under2, I am taking him to the community dentist for this area as they specialise in different anaestetics.He is just such a worry sometimes.I hardly slept last night as I was worried sick as us mums do. I thought this prob would come years later as he is just like a baby but he is at the right age for this to happen.

OP posts:
lou33 · 16/08/2003 14:49

Doormat you should ask your paediatrician to refer him to the special needs dentist. Ds goes to one, and they are very understanding, spending lots of time just letting him play with the seat controls, looking at the mirrors etc, whatever is needed to make ds feel safe. There should be one in your area.

Davros · 16/08/2003 15:49

Yes, we have great special needs dentist too through on NHS through CDC. My son recently had dentistry under general anaesthetic as she had spotted some decay in one baby tooth that isn't due to fall our for 2 years or so. Therefore took the opportunity to "go under" and have a good look round, sort out any problems and put sealants on back teeth (see thread under health). We dreaded it but it turned out OK. The hospital staff, however, had no clue how to sedate him as he just wouldn't drink foul cheap long life orange juice (only pure, fresh squeezed for him!) especially with medication added to it. We just waited until it was time for the op and daddy held onto him while they put a mask over his face. SOunds awful but lasted less than a minute.

doormat · 16/08/2003 15:57

Thanx lou33 and Davros
I will get in touch with the CDC on Monday. I never realised this info mind you it has never been explained by the medical proffessionals.

I clean his teeth by putting a blob of toothpaste on my finger and rubbing it over his teeth because he just wont open his mouth. Many a time I have had my finger bit.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 16/08/2003 17:15

I've been dreading the dentist too- ds1 keeps crying and putting his fingers in his mouth - tried to ignore it up to now in the hope it'll go away (he stops for a while and then starts again). A friend also recommended a SN dentist. The one here is at a local hospital. Good luck!

lou33 · 16/08/2003 17:56

Doormat I think you can get little toothbrush heads that slip onto your fingertip. Would that help?

doormat · 20/08/2003 09:12

Thanx to all
I phoned community dentist on Monday as tooth was very wobbly.Receptionship reassured me that there was not a problem if ds swallowed tooth.I also made appointment for special needs dentist for a check up.
His tooth was missing last night even though kept eye on him all day. So just waiting for dirty nappy to make sure it has come through. The things us mother do.aarrgghh
PS Lou sadly ds even clamps his mouth down with fingertip toothbrushes.

OP posts:
mrsforgetful · 29/08/2003 00:00

my aspergers son (9) has a milk tooth still in gum however adult tooth has fully come through....(so he has one tooth above the other)he refuses to fiddle with it to help it loosen....assuming this is something to do with his sensory probs???he too never liked tooth brushing-ok now he does his own (actully likes battery toothbrush!!!!!!) up to age of 3 had to 'headlock' him on my lap and by 7 had to go to hospital to have 6 milk teeth removed due to decay- we've been under the special needs dentist since and he's had all his teeth coated to protect.
for calming ANYONE down pre-visit to dentist i'd recommend 'bach rescue remedy' works wonders for me too!!!

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