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SN children

Really nervous......1st session in Mainstream today

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anniebear · 09/09/2005 14:33

Ellie went in at 1pm with a helper from her SN School.

I feel really nervous and will feel ill by the time I pick them up.

I just want her to be ok and fit in ok, although the other Children will know she is different to them.

The best bit though....I can't wait to pick them up together (twins) in their matching uniforms!!!

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Dingle · 09/09/2005 16:04

How did it go anniebear?

Davros · 09/09/2005 19:35

Yes, dying to know.

anniebear · 09/09/2005 20:12

Arrh, thanks!!

Went really well!!

She went it with her helper (Jill) from her own School.

I felt ill waiting outside School!!!!! She was fine apart from the assembly, which I knew she couldn't sit for 30 way!!

She apparently lasted 5 minutes then fell asleep!! Not good for bedtime!

Jill decided that another day would be better as there is no assembly then , so she is going to go on Wednesdays instead.

Grace said that Ellie pushed her a bit!! I can imagine they were both a bit excited to see one another so I may suggest they are not sat together! Otherwise Ellie could just suddenly dive on Grace, lol

So at the moment it looks good. Just hope it isn't long untill she is going for a full day, but you know how it is.....MONEY MONEY MONEY

At an appointment at CDC today and saw Ellie's Paediatrician, she was made up with her, saw a big change in her from just 4 months ago.

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Jimjams · 09/09/2005 20:14

sounds good anniebear

Merlot · 09/09/2005 21:13

Great stuff - bet you were relieved. Ds2 has his first day at nursery in a couple of weeks and I am going to be a jibbering wreck waiting until I pick him up.

anniebear · 09/09/2005 21:21

I did really think she should be ok,

but it's all the what ifs.... what if the others don't like her? think she is funny? she fills her nappy? greatest fear!!

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