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Shameless plug for Eidsvold dds

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eidsvold · 04/09/2005 23:42

had some studio pics of dds done for dd1's birthday.

they are so cute ( okay biased mummy..)


OP posts:
QueenOfQuotes · 04/09/2005 23:42

they are cute - I've already looked and they're scrummy

Jimjams · 05/09/2005 07:58

aww very sweet eidsvold. I love plaits (problem with boys- no plaits!)

eidsvold · 05/09/2005 08:19

I do like her hair long so I can plait or braid it. Just a matter of getting her to sit still long enough. She usually has bunches or a pony tail.

OP posts:
anniebear · 05/09/2005 10:15


I want to show my girls, but don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!

Davros · 05/09/2005 20:50

Oh aren't they gorgeous? I can't "do" hair at all and just had DD's hair cut a bit. Me and my 2 sisters used to have our hair cut by my dad's barber... no wonder we're.... quirky!! Heh heh.
How goes it all Eidsvold? You were going on your training thingy and thinking of getting a sneaky extra babysit? Did it happen, how was the course?
Off now as DS asleep so looking forward to a big glass of Australian!

coppertop · 05/09/2005 20:52

They're soooo gorgeous. A lovely picture.

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