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Here we go again!!!!! Back to school!!!

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Cosmo74 · 27/08/2005 15:07

OK sorry I have not been on all summer but was trying not to stress about DS school - plus I had a little baby girl on 31st July so been busy trying to keep DS from feelig left out.

The dreaded time has come again back to school on Thursday - DS is going into Primary 2 - he was on IEP in P1 - problem is that we have not even met his P2 teacher also we never have a review at the end of last year to say how he got on - I know I should have requested a meeting but I just wanted to get him out of school and away from the head from hell. So my question is should be have been called in to create a new IEP for this year - will his P2 teacher be aware of DS's problems? Or is it up to me to contact the school and ask what is happening this year - I know that there is no classroom assistants in P2, in P1 DS got alot of help from the classroom assistant!!!

I have promised myself that I am not going to get stressed about this again this year but here I am worrying already - I know that if his teacher takes a dislike or is not willing to put in the extra effort with DS we will be at loggerheads with the school again.


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Davros · 27/08/2005 16:13

Congratulations Cosmo! A girl, that's got to be good news iyswim. Don't feel guilty, it isn't up to YOU to call meetings, review and assess performance etc. They should do all of that and invite you but we all know about reality...... I suppose the best you can do is send in a note or ask in person if you're collecting, asking when a review will be held and what about his IEP? Mind you, I have no experience of m/s school so maybe some other MNers will have better advice. Either way, try not to stress, I know its easy to say. But you have just had a baby apart from anything else so your hands are rather full! I find myself thinking "why haven't I done this", "why haven't I got in touch with so and so" and then I look down and see DD (2.5yrs) and remeber, "ah yes, that's why"!!!

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