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charlotte wyatt

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jenk1 · 25/08/2005 13:13

it has been on the news that charlottes parents are at the appeal court today to try and get the rule overturned which says not to resuscitate her.
I have been following this story very carefully and have cried over it especially last year when the ruling was made and today there is video footage showing how much improvement she has made,doctors said she wouldnt survive the winter and now she seems to be so much better.
I really feel for her parents as a parent of a child with SN i know i would do anything to keep my child alive, i hope they get the ruling they deserve

OP posts:
Nbg · 25/08/2005 13:16

Oh, I know it's soul destroying. I feel so much for the parents. It's such an awful thing to go through.

aloha · 25/08/2005 13:21

I think this is a hugely complex case and there has to be a point where constant resus has to be worse for a child than being able to die peacefully (I understand her resus was painful and vigorous and scarred her lungs)
I am so shocked at how the doctors dismissed the parents when they insisted Charlotte could see and hear and respond. They insisted the parents were imagining it and it was not possible.
Now it seems the doctors agree on all these points. This child lives in the hospital. How could her carers not notice these basic things about her that were clear to her parents? And how dare they be so arrogant as to dismiss the parents' observations?

lunavix · 25/08/2005 13:24

I think parents are sensible enough to know that if a child were in a terrible amount of pain, and not living a life of any kind, then other options should be considered.

They're treating the parents like children themselves.

jenk1 · 25/08/2005 14:04

doctors think that they know everything just because they have a degree or whatever but when it comes down to it a parent knows their child so much better and can spot things quicker than any doctor as has proved to be the case in charlottes life. My gp always says he trusts a mothers instinct above everything else because a mothers instinct is usually right

OP posts:
PeachyClair · 25/08/2005 14:44

They seem to be basing their judgement of life quality on their own experiences IYKWIM, if a child is happy, loved and pain free yet in a mainly dependant hospital environment, that child surely has quality of life none the less? She is smiling, she can recognise the immensely loving faces of her incredible parents.... that counts for an awful lot IMO.

jenk1 · 25/08/2005 21:57

Aww they have lost their appeal

OP posts:
chipmonkey · 26/08/2005 20:59
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