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eidsvold · 22/07/2003 12:33

I just had to share - this morning I was madly trying to do a few things on the pc before 8 am and dd was sitting here on the floor beside me. She had already shredded a piece of paper and it lies scattered around her. She was in a vest and nappy but has the wildest hair. I made the mistake of washing her hair just before she went off to bed last night and it is sitting straight up out of the top of her head on one side but then she has this very dramatic sweep across the eyes - very model like. But the overall impression is of a hair bear!! ( if you rememebr that cartoon - Hair bear Bunch!!)

Everytime I look at her she giggles and then gives me a big smile. Then says dadadadad.....

What a wonderful sight to start the day with.

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ThomCat · 22/07/2003 13:00

Being a parent is the best thing in the world isn't it. My DP says he feels sorry for everyone else in his office becuase they all just get up and comute in whereas he starts everyday being made to laugh by his DD and leaves the house with a smile on his face where she waves at him with both hands saying 'ba ba ba ba ba ba'!!

Jimjams · 22/07/2003 13:49

took ds2 swimming this morning. It was great. he's only been about 3 times in his life-he's now 18 months (loads of reasons but he'll be going at least once week now). He loved his armbands, loved the splashing, loved everything. It was fantastic.

Something that ds1 does that creases me up atm.

He doesn't like strawberries (well actually he probably would if he would try one but that's a different story). If you give him a strawberry he looks at it, then walks straight over to ds2 and shoves it in his mouth. I love that- it kills me every time.

ThomCat · 22/07/2003 14:21

Yeah I need to find some time to take lottie, without it being a structured swimming club. She loves being in the water. There just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week.

fio2 · 22/07/2003 16:09

eidsvold, how lovelySmile and thomcat lottie sounds like a right little daddies girl, arent they allWink

jimjams loved your tale about the strawberry it made me smileSmileand glad ds2 liked swimming so much, my dd is on summer break from nursery so I have got them both at home now for 6 weeks and I had forgotten how much work it was! How do cope with 4 lou?

lou33 · 22/07/2003 17:42

I ply them with videos and snacks and beg them not to move all day. Doesn't work though.

eidsvold · 22/07/2003 18:22

that is too funny jimjams.

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