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Grateful for S Asian cooking knowledge in these times

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JanisMoplin · 30/07/2022 18:16

I hope this doesn't sound smug which is why I have put it here. But with the cost of living crisis, am feeling so grateful that many of us S Asians know how to eat very cheaply and make 50 things out of lentils:) I can keep food bills low because I am used to vegetarian cooking as well. Tonight dinner was kaali daal ( black daal), a cucumber raita and bhindi fry, dinner for 4 very cheap.

Tomorrow we are having masala dosas with coconut chutney for lunch.

OP posts:
BerthaBetty · 30/07/2022 18:21

Yum. A daal is really one of the most delicious and nutritious things to eat.

TroysMammy · 30/07/2022 18:22

May I ask how you make the coconut chutney please?

I think being able to cook and in these times cheaply is more of a life skill that some believe being able to swim is. After all we all have to eat to survive. Not going into water will also keep me alive too.

JanisMoplin · 30/07/2022 18:25

here is a recipe I use for coconut chutney. www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/coriander-coconut-chutney/

I haven't always been keen on cooking and I am still not some days. I spent much of my twenties avoiding it. But as I am now 50, I think it is a life skill. Teaching my DC ( who also try to avoid it but I hope some will sink in).

OP posts:
TroysMammy · 30/07/2022 18:33

Thank you.

Rummikub · 30/07/2022 18:48

Agree with you

how do you make the masala dosa?

RudsyFarmer · 30/07/2022 18:50

I’d love to enjoy cooking. I think it’s wonderful you can conjure up delicious foods cheaply. Fantastic ♥️

Wbeezer · 30/07/2022 18:54

DH and İ are lapsed vegetarians but I think we'll be returning to some of our old favourites, I love lentils luckily.
I'm not South Asian but I too have thrifty home cooking skills Scottish heritage style!

NonnyMouse1337 · 02/08/2022 22:51

Is it easy to get fresh coconut where you are for the chutney? I find that's the most difficult part.
I've used dessicated coconut a few times but it's not that great.

Rummikub · 03/08/2022 08:29

Seen it in supermarkets already prepared.
Asian shops sell them whole I think.

EmmaGrundyForPM · 03/08/2022 08:31

You can buy frozen grated coconut which is great.

NonnyMouse1337 · 03/08/2022 10:14

Thanks both! I shall check the frozen aisle next time. 🧐

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