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Sudden loss of language and social skills

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Leighrj · 12/11/2023 22:55


my son was your neurotypical child, walking on time, eye contact was perfect, talking many words even sometimes putting 2/3 together in a sentence. When he was 5 months he had his vaccines and 2 days later had a seizure. He had a few over the next few weeks and then nothing for months. As I said he started to talk, walk everything was perfect and then suddenly at the age of about 16 months he stopped everything. His eye contact is weak barely there, he has lost all of his language and says no words apart from mum, he seems as though in his own little world, very fussy with food etc. He is now 2 and a half years old and still doesn’t speak only babbles, he still gives very little eye contact and doesn’t like to play with other children. He does show when he’s happy/ sad/ angry and other expression on his face. He shows plenty of signs of autism which had me thinking it was regressive autism however I just find it really confusing that I have videos on my phone of 18 months ago where he is looking me in the eye, posing for pictures and talking to me and now he does none of that. 

has anybody been through anything similar ??????
also yes I have had him under the hospital etc however they have lost many of my referrals and we have been waiting 18 months to see a doctor and still no better off!!!!!????

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 13/12/2023 20:36

@Leighrj I think it can be a feature of ASD that they lose skills? I can get how utterly heartbreaking that must be for you though Flowers

Are you in the UK?

Leighrj · 14/12/2023 10:01


yes I’m in the UK, I’ve heard of regressive autism which is rare it’s just really hard to believe when I’ve got videos of him having mini conversations with me looking me square in the eye and playing normally with toys and then one day everything just changed I just can’t believe it. We have had scans and bloods now just waiting results,

thanks for reaching out x

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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 14/12/2023 18:33

Do you know who he's been referred to and can you chase up the appointments?

Leighrj · 15/12/2023 07:29

Hi, yes we’ve finally had some appointments for next year I have been chasing and chasing so not long now

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