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Is a private assessment for Autism worth it?

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Elzo123 · 28/09/2022 20:17

My 5 year old daughter has been on the waiting list for 3 years now to be seen by paediatric for an autism screening? Today I had an email from a private clinic with availability for November. My question is, is it worth going private while waiting for the NHS to see her? A few of her traits that have been noted are

*Tiptoe walking
*Hand flapping
*Jumping up and down
*Doesn't play with toys (she does sort toys, like makes squares with them, just doesn't actually play with them)
*can not deal with busy places (school have had to change how she comes and goes to school as this causes major meltdowns)
*very limited diet and foods always have to be from the same brand each time
*meltdowns if her daily routine is changed
*can give eye contact but only to people she likes and knows
*does not sleep for long periods of time. Getting around a total of 5 hours a night.
*hits, bites, scratches ect... when in meltdown
*runs away from situations she can not handle
*can not share
*collects coins but is also very interested in them
*head bangs on hard surfaces (she has been in hospital because of this . Once because she hit it that hard on the fore head you could see her skull)
*lack of the feeling of pain. When you could see her skull she didn't cry and she was just running around wild still.
*loves the feeling of being cold
*shows no remorse when she hurts somebody
*zero danger awareness

There is so much more. Just thought I would point out a few things to see if it's worth going private.

OP posts:
Clare3331 · 05/12/2022 22:04

I'm no expert but it sounds like you know the diagnosis already. What will you gain by going private? Can they help with education plans etc? Or treatment for sleeping issues? Or behaviour intervention? If you feel you will benefit in some way then do it.

PritiPatelsMaker · 26/03/2023 20:41

How did you get on with this @Elzo123? Did you decide to go private or are you still waiting?

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