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Advice needed 3 year old

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Fluffym · 16/01/2022 08:59

Newbie here. Mum of 3 and my youngest who is 3 and 5 months is really concerning me and I could do with some advice.
Basically she has always been a late speaker. She has a decent vocabulary, lots of words but she will not answer any questions.
She will say bedtime now, bathtime now , I'm hungry or cold etc but if I were to ask her if she wanted a bath she wouldn't say yes. She doesn't tell me what she has done at preschool or what she eats. She doesn't talk at all about any experiences.
Her preschool have said that she doesnt really like to play with the other children and that she is very fidgety and won't listen to a full story at carpet time.
She can count to 20, knows all her colours. She plays lovely, lots of role play on the phone etc but there are some definite red flags for me.

Speech therapy services in our area are shocking. She was seen in November and that's it. I asked if they could go into school , answer was no.
Her school have asked to see me on Wednesday about her sensory issues which I can only assume is she refuses to wear the puddle suit and itchy school blazer and now I'm really worried.

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RebeccaO2019 · 14/04/2022 06:14

How did you get on when you visited the school? How is your daughter coming along now?x

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