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Feel sad at being Shouty Mummy

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Buttons294749 · 11/01/2022 20:08

DS is 3y 9 mo and really testing my patience with his lack of self control, he found a special bauble today and threw it (luckily it didnt break) and he often pushes DD when they are playing nicely or bats her in the face. Im always yelling at him and worrying the neighbours will complain!

Im contrast DD is very careful and she's only 2!

If he could gain some self control it would make me faaaaar less stressed. I can sometimes hear him telling himself off for doing things but it's so frustrating that i cant trust him to be alone with other kids.

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Anon97531 · 27/07/2022 06:30

It is draining when you have to constantly watch them and tell them off isn't it?

Has he had a diagnosis? If so, maybe they can help.

It does say that if a child is displaying challenging behaviour to speak to a GP - not sure if you've done this already, but if not, maybe worth a try, as they could offer a referral and /or some advice.

Buttons294749 · 29/07/2022 19:41

Thank you xx

He's actually loads better now, still impulsive and not as controlled as DD but a massive improvement!

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HuMUMgousSallyCeleryCELEBRATQUEENELIZABETH · 18/09/2022 00:49

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