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Mummytobobster · 17/04/2021 19:00

My 3 year old son has stopped talking to anyone. He will not respond to his name, to any simple questions i.e when presented with toast or krispies for breakfast. Heartbreakingly he won't even say so much as mummy anymore.

He has also stopped making eye contact or interaction with us.

He will however tell himself very loud stories over and over again whilst running around the house. Stories that he may have seen on a program or heard at story time.

It is making things really difficult and is causing me lots of worry and stress. We are waiting to see a paediatrician but have been told it could be some time.

He is falling behind and is so out of sync with other children at his nursery.

Any advice, help, guidance or anything would be so appreciated.

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Choconuttolata · 17/04/2021 19:16

Have you had his hearing checked?

If hearing is ok then a speech and language referral may be a quicker way of starting to get some support for communication.

We used PECS and the Hanen More Than Words Course/Book to help us communicate with DS who was non verbal ASD at age 3. He was similar repeating sections of programs in his bedroom but not communicating with us at all. He now speaks in full sentences. One of the things that also helped was sitting on the floor and modelling interactive play and speech with toys he liked like cars for example.

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