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Could DS (6) have ASD or ADHD?

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Mateymoo95 · 13/04/2021 18:09

Hi, this is my first time posting a thread on here so I'm sorry if I ramble on.

DS is 6 years old and I am wondering whether that the behaviours he is showcasing are signs of an underlying condition (specifically ASD or ADHD), or just that of a typical 6 year old boy.

An example of one of the regular battles that we have with him is leaving somewhere. For instance, we'll be at the park or his grandparents house and he'll be fine the whole time we are there but when it is time to leave, he'll flat out refuse and run away from us smiling and laughing. We have tried giving him time warnings, eg. "In 5mins we are going home.", to which he'll say ok to but then run away laughing at the time of leaving.
This issue happens in school as well. His teachers have said that he will sometimes refuse to come in after playtime and run away laughing expecting them to chase him. They've had to get the headteacher to intervene a couple of times now! When questioned about this he always responds with "I don't know" or "my brain told me to do it" along with a smarmy grin.

He is also quick to anger and gives massive overreactions when things don't go his way. He will be sent out of the classroom to 'cool off' for 10mins before being allowed back in. He will often say that his feelings "get muddled up."

Socially he is fine. He has friends and is capable of sharing/taking turns. When we are at the park he will actively seek out children to play with and doesn't appear awkward at all.

Academically he is where is should be and is reading at a high level. He was visually reading in reception too.

He does fixate over strings numbers (dates and number plates). So when he is referring to something past or future tense, he will more often than not say the date along with it. Other than that he doesn't really have any special interests.

He is overall a very happy and social little boy, just has trouble listening and following instructions as well as controlling his emotions.
School are recommending we go for a diagnosis based on the fact that he can be rigid in his thinking and the aforementioned issues at playtimes. Could this just be the actions of a typical, albeit headstrong, 6 year old boy? Or is there something potentially underlying? I want to do right by my son but I'm not sure what that is at the moment. Sad

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