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OCD 5 year old?

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Sammyjh · 19/02/2019 21:34

My 5 year old (eldest of 3) is a sensitive chap but I’ve recently noticed some behaviours which have made me wonder if he has the beginning of OCD. He touches he wall with both palms whenever he leaves a room or building, and duds a sort of wiggle dance whenever he enters certain rooms. He worries a bit about germs, particularly his younger sister’s. He is also very worried/frightened of certain things and talks about these very very often - getting into trouble, needles, hurricanes, someone he loves dying etc.
We are a fairly relaxed low-anxiety household.
I am worried it will get a lot worse in the future - will it? - and how best to handle it now so it causes him the least harm.
What advice can you offer, oh wise mumsnetters?

OP posts:
Fizzgogg · 16/05/2019 07:29

Hi i am going through the same now although we are going through the ASD assessments aswell, my son will not even give me a kiss good night anymore because of the fear of germs will not brush his teeth whilst anyone else is stood at the sink i would go see your gp x

TheCatch · 20/02/2023 22:03

@OP All you can do now is take your concerns to the GP and get him referred & assessed. It does sound like he has very high anxiety levels from what you've described. My DS now 18, showed some of these signs from when he was 2yrs, but having no experience of the condition, I put it down to him being 'quirky'. He, later on, went on to be diagnosed. Sometimes medication can stop it in its track by reducing the anxiety and preventing it from getting worse, sometimes it's a matter of you just being aware and managing it as best you can. Whatever the outcome is, there is always a comforting word here and lots of people who have been where you are that can offer encouragement. Let's know how you get on.

Cancersurvivor · 26/04/2023 08:13

Covid could be the cause of these feelings.

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