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Hire business coach?

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Duvetfluff · 19/11/2023 07:45

I’m looking to hire a business coach as I need to get over some mental barriers. Has anyone sone this? And..did it help?!

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Ohmylovejune · 19/11/2023 07:56

I'm not saying there aren't good coaches out there but those I've met seem to just be overconfident mouthpieces albeit they talk common sense.

What has worked for me was engaging the most appropriate qualified professional for my problem be that an accountant (with business strategy experience), lawyer or private therapist.

In business, having mental barriers is sometimes an indication of a gut reaction to risk. So you need someone who can not only offer a proverbial "kick up the backside" to also being a able to actually demonstrate, or help you work through, why it's a good idea to choose to overcome the barrier as its a good opportunity (or essential).

Sometimes it's more personal, like imposter syndrome. Therapy can help.things like this.

Depends on what your barriers are really.

Lamelie · 19/11/2023 08:04
heidiwine · 19/11/2023 09:14

It absolutely works for me and I credit my coach for the success of my business. I would urge you to do it but be VERY careful
about who you choose (go with recommendations from people you know/trust).

mondaytosunday · 19/11/2023 09:34

My late husband had one. He was manager of a huge law firm and found it really helpful. I guess research, recommendations and finally 'clicking' with the right one. A disinterest sounding board with knowledge of the industry can be very valuable.

disappearingfish · 19/11/2023 10:10

Where do you live? You may be able to get access to free support from business support programs, look up your local business growth hub.

Beckafett · 19/11/2023 10:34

I've had access to business coaching in the past but, in my opinion, it needs to be related to your industry even if that's quite broad.

Duvetfluff · 20/11/2023 07:56

Thank you! I’m looking at someone who seems down to earth and works more on mindset, which is what I need at the moment.
pricey though!

OP posts:
chancein1 · 25/11/2023 23:02

Unless they are giving you industry specific advice, surely all the rest you could find for free in line. It would all be a bit wishy-washy if it's just about mind-set etc.

Lamelie · 26/11/2023 07:46

Think about how many people you know not reaching their potential or the opposite, over promoted. It’s occasionally industry specific issues but much more often due to confidence, demeanour, work ethic, face not fitting and very non industry specific issues like interview technique, interpersonal skills, being a ‘bad manager’ etc. A good coach can definitely help with that.

Duvetfluff · 26/11/2023 08:37

Thanks, I’ve taken the plunge!
im sceptical af. But I liked his down to earth approach and I need to be focused and more confident. So far it’s helping - he’s helping me not get in a pile of muddle and believe that I do have a business ( partner very disencoragising) .
and work through various blocks.
fingers crossed!
mainly it’s so bloody expensive I take it seriously!

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