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Hibye23289 · 10/02/2023 10:36

Hi, over the years i have been cleaning houses alongside my part time job. I currently have 9 houses and I got then easily I hate turning work away but soon I will not be able to take anymore on. I do dream of the business going big but say I charge £15 an hour and then pay another cleaning £10.50 for example then how will I make even more money? Is £4.50 worth the stress, what if the cleaner cancels or is ill etc finding cover. I would need so many clients to make the £4.50 an hour add up, the more clients/staff the more risk. I am really good at marketing etc so any wise heads out there who have a cleaning business etc and can advise.

Basically I want to be successful and make money!

OP posts:
Chocolateandbananas123 · 16/05/2023 19:32

Hi Hibye23289
I’m also looking into doing this at the moment too, how did it go finding and employing staff?
You said you were good at marketing, do you mind if I ask what do you find is the best way to advertise?
I’ve been cleaning for 4 years, I have around 27 hrs a week over 5 clients, I’ve had to turn people away recently and would like to take on a member of staff. I currently charge 17.50ph and would like to pay 12.00ph so I make a small profit, I’ve seen a lot of people say they make a loss at first but as business grows they soon start to see a profit again.

DelilahBucket · 18/05/2023 10:21

Things to consider that your £4.50 an hour needs to cover:
Insurance, liability and employer
Fuel or travel expenses
Holiday pay
National Insurance contributions
Sick pay
Maternity/paternity pay
Payroll software and someone to process this if you are not able to

Some of these things are only applicable in certain circumstances i.e. depending on how much the staff earn for things like NI and sick pay.

You've also got to consider things like DBS, employment contracts, hiring/firing, training, health and safety, HR, the list goes on and on.

Your other alternative is they are taken on as self employed. You'll need to pay much more than £10.50 an hour, and people will have the flexibility to turn work down as and when they choose which may leave you short at the worst moments.

Is it worth it? Probably not.

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