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To invite those who have liked my FB page to follow?

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allie691 · 30/01/2023 20:26

I don't use my Facebook buisness page too often for advertising other than posting photos (photog). I mostly use Instagram.

I've just seen on my buisness Facebook page that I can invite 600 people who reacted to my posts over the last 6 months to follow my page.

Is this an annoying thing to do? I don't have Facebook for personal use so not sure if it's irritating when businesses do this or is it quite common to receive follow invitations?

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applepiesandwich · 30/01/2023 20:32

In my experience, it's normal and I don't mind it at all. If i'm interested in your business, I'll follow. If it ends up with too many posts, I'll unfollow or snooze.

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