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VikingsandDragons · 07/01/2023 14:33

I've been reading some threads on here this morning and a few really useful links came up that I'm going to explore. So I thought I'd start a thread that might help other entrepreneurs or businesses at any stage to gain skills, funding or grow as lots of us struggle with business training, grants, Pr etc

So who or what do you recommend?

For me - if in the North East they do brilliant fully funded training to help start or scale your business and they do have an online training platform too sadly not free, but they got me a £22k grant that I'm fairly sure I couldn't have gotten on my own Really great small group support including hot seating and masterminding for female entrepreneurs as well as training sessions each month - saved me THOUSANDS in not having to write my own policies!

OP posts:
Exasperatednow · 10/01/2023 17:17

Thanks for this. I'm going to have a look at this.

CakeIsNotAvailable · 07/02/2023 16:00

I'm underwhelmed by FSB so far - I have a newish business, approx £100k pa turnover in first year. Joined FSB but not had much value yet! We already had our own policies. Joined for the free legal support but not sure if we'll bother staying a member long-term.

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