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Help me come up with a childrens business idea please

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Tiatoo · 24/07/2022 11:29

It doesn’t have to be profitable. I’m a single parent working 16 hours with a UC top up and toddler. Working in data entry (had to leave nursing degree due to childcare).

Im feeling really stuck at the moment and I don’t want to focus on my career too much yet but would like to start or build something.

One thing I absolutely love is looking at all Childress toys available. My son doesn’t have excessive amount don’t worry, due to finances, space and not wanting to spoil him. I really love and corporate some Montessori/Waldorf/reggio Emilia aspects at home and could spend all day looking at open ended toys! Lots of people have said to me I’m great with children, and my son is very advanced with speech and intelligent (I can’t take the credit though he is naturally gifted) I don’t have any significant formal qualifications in this area which is something to bare in mind.

This is why I think some form of childrens related business would be a great idea.

Ideas I have so far but nothing concrete:

  • a website full of early years information and play ideas for parents (like a blog) and try and get health visitors/ social workers/ teachers/ nursery practitioners/ Speech and language therapists/ sleep consultants/ Physios and dieticians to do interviews or guest blog posts.
  • a stay and play at the community centre. Could only be my local one and would need to enquire about storage space as I don’t drive. This would likely not generate profit and start up costs could be high. Not sure what types of activities to do, could be crafts, circle time, basic stay and play with toys and tea and cake (likely with donated toys), a Waldorf themed one with small parts (so no under 3s allowed) maybe a magical/woodland theme and a related story, seasonal with a different nature/weather/animal theme each week. Would like to keep costs low for parents too. Only issue is when my son is too sick to attend (gets constant colds in winter) and I would have to cancel classes, or if I can’t get enough people to cover the costs of the hall.
  • I made some rainbow pasta for crafts today for my son, thought I would nose on Etsy. People are selling them with a high profit including sensory bin kits with dyed rice/beans etc. I’ve looked into this though as I’m not sure how they are doing this legally and with valid insurance as it’s a good item that’s become a non food item intended for play, rice and beans etc contain toxins when uncooked which is an issue. We don’t do too much of this at home anyway due to the mess!
  • buying large wooden block sets and painting some with appropriate paint and reselling. As long as both blocks and paint are toy safe and I can get their certificates this should be fine. Making little pastel/themed colour sets. We love little Dutch!
  • buying large grapat sets and splitting and reselling (not sure on laws here) but profit would be less than 50 for sure and is quite expensive.

Ideally as low cost and ecoconcious as possible (anything from china really isn’t - despite what people are claiming on Etsy/Amazon/ebay, which is pretty difficult compared to large brands or local businesses with cars and storage facilities and start up funds. Otherwise a soft play higher with tent, ball pit etc. seems like a decent way to make a bit of extra money.

I need inspiration or something solid. Blogging on its own wouldn’t be enough as I don’t want to take too many pictures of inside our home and am not an expert. I do think this is my area though. Funds for a toy shop would be great! I’d love my own scandiborn/yes Bebe/Kidly.

Any suggestions welcome!
Thank you
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Discodreams · 24/07/2022 21:49

I would definitely start a blog anyway. It’s really great to build an audience whatever avenue you decide to go down in the future.

I love the stay and play idea, especially if you could get into the older homeschooling families. You would probably need a friend to set up with so you can each take over when the other can’t make it either through sickness or holiday. You might be able to get grants or loans for equipment to set up.

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Unwavering721 · 24/07/2022 21:53

You need to work out the profit and loss for each one. There’s no point choosing something because you “love it”, as it won’t be sustainable. If you want to go where the serious £ is look into starting your own nursery. Get the relevant qualifications, work for a few years to get some experience and take mental notes of how to run it efficiently. Then wait until a church comes up for sale or rent - snap it up asap and convert into a nursery.

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