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Bank refunded a customer

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Irishgene · 10/06/2022 13:08

I run my own business and sent items to a customer, he contacted his bank to claim they weren't received and the credit card provider have refunded him. I have an email from him confirming delivery plus my proof if shipping and delivery from the courier.

I can easily send the documents required to the bank (via the company that handles the payments) but how can it be right that all a customer has to do is say they didn't get something they have paid for and he gets a refund!? Seems crazy to me!

I have contacted the customer to query this by email and spoke to him on the phone....I don't think he expected me to phone him as he said he'd check it but hasn't phoned/emailed back. So, all in all, he's got nearly £370 worth of goods and had his money back but I'm having to do all the chasing round and proving I sent the items. CF I think!

OP posts:
ClinicallyProven · 10/06/2022 13:32

I've been on the customer side of this and you have to send evidence of what you've done to try and resolve it with the business. If he won't have had that, I'd make a formal complaint to the bank via their chief exec. Overkill perhaps but I find it works.

DelilahBucket · 12/06/2022 08:00

How did he pay and how do you know he's had a refund already and not just put a claim in? Your payment provider should cover you for this when you provide documentation to prove you sent the goods to the correct address. Sometimes customers see a transaction they don't recognise and have forgotten about. Easily done if the payment shows as something different to what they remember e.g. different company name.

ILoveAllRainbowsx · 12/06/2022 08:05

Everytime I have asked for a refund from a credit card company they have given me a temporary refund until they have checked out the sellers side of the story.

Irishgene · 12/06/2022 08:08

The money has been taken from my account, our company name is very distinctive so there's no way he won't have known what it was. I'll just submit the evidence.....just frustrating that I'm doing all the running around to get my money back. He paid via my website and I use Stripe.

OP posts:
DelilahBucket · 13/06/2022 12:39

Unfortunately that's just the way it goes. The bank have no way of knowing if he is making it up and Stripe are obliged to act. Make sure you submit before the deadline, you don't usually get long to do so.

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