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Does anyones UK small limited company work for an US client

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ijustdontknowabout · 28/12/2021 17:08

I have had had a letter from the IRS asking me to file tax returns since the company started in 2010.

I didn't join the company until 2019. Previous to joining it was just my business partners company ( he is my boyfriend too, we are unmarried but together 20 years) . All Uk based work, just him until I joined. No other employees.

I took on a US client in November 2021 and our limited company was registered with the US company as a vendor. I had to fill in a lot of forms and was asked to apply for EIN with the IRS. Now I don't know if I should have applied for this or not? By this is how the IRS have my information.

I'm just a bit worried I will now end up paying tax or owing tax in the US and paying tax here too. My business partners side is still all UK based clients.

I have just called the IRS helpline, but the operator was not able to help and just said to read the guidance and write a letter back if I don't think I should file a form 1120F.

I am supplying services as in consultancy services not goods if that helps.

Does anyone have an experience with this situation? We do have an accountant but they are a one man band and no experience with US clients either.


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ijustdontknowabout · 28/12/2021 17:25

Desperate bump

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RunningInTheWind · 05/01/2022 20:03

Yes I do. PM me and I’ll have a dig through my accounts and let you know what I filled in. Zero repercussions from the US tax people and my accountant didn’t bat an eyelid.

ijustdontknowabout · 06/01/2022 22:44

@RunningInTheWind thanks for the reply, I've written to them with all my info and think and hope you are correct !!

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