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Theresa1784 · 24/11/2021 14:06

Hey everyone,
Hoping someone can give me an unbiased view.
I am a qualified teacher and left work some years ago due to mental health reasons. A couple of years ago I started doing some work with local groups and teaching courses online. It became really popular and I considered turning it into a business. COVID hit and it Al went a bit wobbly. But then I did actually launch last year. After 6 months I had to step away for physical health reasons. Then in September I returned as I was doing better, but now 3 months in and what once was a potentially viable growing business seems to be a dying project and as much as I wasn't it to work I am putting in so many hours and getting nothing out. I have a number of people still on courses but they are independent learning ones so I tend to just answer questions and then moderate. I'm losing the will to be fair but feel like if I stop I'll look like a complete flake as I've only been back in it 3 months. I just don't know what to do.

OP posts:
nannynick · 24/11/2021 14:16

Are you doing courses on video so people can progress at their own rate? Can you configure the course such that there is no need for them to contact you, they can view promotional material and then buy online and do the course all without needing to get in touch?

The 1:Many model can work. It needs some customer service but not a lot. I do customer services for an online course provider and it is mostly pre-sales enquiries and occasionally someone has trouble resetting their password.

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