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Nobodysplusone · 11/11/2021 11:45

Good morning,
Not sure if anyone can help with this. I have tried the embassy but they only reply to emergency emails.

I am planning to buy a bed and breakfast or gite business in France next year. I believe I may need an entrepreneur visa.
My partner ( not married) is coming with me and we will be running it together. The property will be in my sole name.
Which visa should he apply for ?

Will we be able to combine the income from the business in France, for our visas and residency , if it is just in my name ?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Lovestaringatthemoon · 05/12/2021 21:14

Hi, what a lovely idea you have and I hope your dream will come true!
I am not a specialist in immigration laws but perhaps, if you have not done so, you could look at the French consulate website:
or the French Foreign Office ministery website for information:
I hope this helps.
Bonne chance!

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