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Best card payment solutions for selling in person?

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RainbownNameChange · 10/08/2021 11:52

Re-posting from the Arts and Craft threads in case anyone here has experience of this Smile

I have a tiny Etsy storefront where I’ve been selling handmade items for a few months, and I now have an opportunity to sell at an in person ‘pop up shop’ for a day

I have absolutely no experience of doing craft fairs or anything like that (as a seller) and wondered if anyone with a bit more knowledge could recommend what they use for taking card payments?

Thank you for any advice!

OP posts:
delilahbucket · 10/08/2021 22:31

I have IZettle and PayPal. Both very simple to use and pay as you go fees. You'll need a smart phone or tablet to operate either along with an internet connection.

whitehot · 10/08/2021 22:34

Sum up is great , card reader linked to your phone and only £29
You can also get a debit card to withdraw money

RainbownNameChange · 11/08/2021 07:52

Brilliant, thank you for that, I’ll look into those for a start

OP posts:
doadeer · 30/08/2021 19:10

Sumup is on offer at the moment I just got one £18 instead of £29

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