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New business - hit me with some inspiration!

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LadyLouOf2 · 27/01/2021 21:21

So I want to start my own business. I just don't know what! 😬 Currently on mat leave and feel as though I want to use this time to bite the bullet.

I have some savings that I'm willing to put into it. My parents are also relatively wealthy and entrepreneurs so would give some assistance, but I want to do this on my own initially (coming up with the idea, getting the ball rolling etc).

My background is legal and real estate / property related, but I'm not necessarily tied to having to do something in keeping with that. Hobbies are fitness (used to be a competitive athlete) and for a moment it crossed my mind to set up a pregnancy / post natal fitness business but I don't really want to post videos of myself online working out etc to promote it (plus I don't have any current qualifications in that sphere, although I do know a lot about it).

I'm intrigued at the thought of developing a package of skin care / beauty products for either mums to be OR post-natally. I think perhaps there is a gap in the market for post natal products. But again no idea how I'd start with creating new hotions and potions etc, and likewise not sure what people would find helpful (any thoughts on things you'd have liked post baby!?).

I'm ambitious, hard working and back myself. I just need some inspiration :)

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rozedwards · 31/01/2021 20:27

Hello! I'd suggest working out where you want to be with your business and therefore have a vision. Then work back from there, but certainly having a business doing something you enjoy, that gives to people is extremely rewarding. BUT a business is either solving someones problem or meeting someones need, so always put your clients first, rather than what you think people might buy. Good luck!

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