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I want to coach but I don't want to be a "life coach"

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Myfirstcarwasamini · 09/09/2020 16:35

Looking for some advice from anyone who has been in a similar position. I have 25 years plus in HR working at a managerial level for the last 15 years. My current organisation has required me to extensively coach individuals in a range of needs that have not exclusively been in regard to their actual job role or career desires. We have a diverse workforce and I have supported individuals through bereavement, dealing with disabilities and anxiety and other mental health issues, dealt with some other very sensitive issues. Its been rewarding to be involved and to have had feedback that I have helped individuals through difficulties that they felt they would not be able to manage alone.

I'm looking to retire next year and would like to offer my services on a consultancy basis as a coach focusing on areas such as working out strategies to achieve a work life balance - if necessary home organisation/de-cluttering but I'm worried that these areas fall into the term "life coach" as that title always seems a little gimmicky and doesn't appear to be regarded as credible.

Has anyone come across anything similar that isn't referred to as a "life coach"???

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BF2748 · 10/09/2020 00:08

Could you refer to yourself as a personal coach? I think more people working from home your services will be very valuable in terms of setting that structure and balance of work/life all happening in the same place.

Myfirstcarwasamini · 10/09/2020 10:51

That's a good suggestion, thank you.

OP posts:
Midlifemission · 08/02/2021 19:31

I know someone who does this and calls herself a Career and Leadership coach then lists the areas she can help with such as work life balance / redundancy support.

Good luck

ThatsnotmyBorishishairistoneat · 08/02/2021 19:32

Most things with coach at the end sound dodgey

RosanneChakraWayYoga · 12/02/2021 14:25

I've come across Business Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Focus and Clarity Coaches, as well as the ubiquitous Life Coaches. I think that if you want to specialise in Life Balance Coaching then that's what you call yourself! Says what you are without having to explain. And plenty of people will need you. Good luck!

RosanneChakraWayYoga · 12/02/2021 14:26

Sorry - missed the important bit - you are a Work/Life Balance Coach!

MirandaWestsNewBFF · 07/03/2021 22:47

I’ve just made a similar journey myself - after 15 years in a corporate HR role I’ve started to do independent career coaching. It’s a great move - all the top corporate leaders have coaches and there’s plenty of people who will benefit from it. Happy to chat through and share what I’ve learned if there’s anything that would help.

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