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NEED A BUSINESS NAME?! Graphic/Interiors/BIM/design Business

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kaykkies · 05/08/2020 21:46

Hi guys...

I need a business name asap! And for some reason it's the hardest and most intimidating thing about this process.

Basically I am an across the board designer and i want something that says i essentially offer design services.

Mostly I do graphic design, interior design, 3D visuals and BIM.

.....and i'm totally stumped! any help appreciated!

OP posts:
kaykkies · 05/08/2020 21:49


I have been going with AM Designs.. which is pretty boring and generic.

My initials are A McC so anything that worked in those would be cute but non essential.

All these fancy design companies always have something so snappy

OP posts:
mummmy2017 · 06/08/2020 09:36

I like AM Designs.
Could you go for a strap line instead.

Bring your ideas to life.

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