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What website builder?

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Someonesayroadtrip · 23/07/2020 18:59

I signed up with Wix and after spending a small fortune (to me) on all their suggested things, I find myself unable to use their services, seems my MacBook Pro is incompatible (it's not even 3 years old) and after spending hours to technical help, all I got was "it works for me". I'm praying I can refund my domain name and reassign it, as I also had merch made.

Anyway, what website builders have people used? Bonus points if it works with a 2017 MacBook Pro.

Or if anyone knows anyway around the issue, it won't scroll, so I can't edit or do anything with the website.

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FiveGoMadInDorset · 23/07/2020 19:12

I hated Wix, my website was built for me and that was the platform she used, I moved to Shopify which suits me, I did get someone to move all the content over and not sure how they moved the name, but since then have taken it over and it os very simple to use. I access it on a 4 year old MacBook Air

Someonesayroadtrip · 23/07/2020 20:53

Yeah, I'm really hating them. Despite all their promises they really don't care and are making things very difficult.

Apparently I can't take my domain name. I can cancel it and lose money and it gets released back and then have to pay for it again. upset by it all. I thought I would pay the extra to get a good product but now I either have a very basic side or I lose all that money and have to repay.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

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Vodkacranberryplease · 27/07/2020 12:29

Thats outrageous Ive never heard of such a thing! Anyway heres my rundown after spending a lot of time investigating this

  • Squarespace if you want a really beautiful site but only have simple products. Easy to user, lovely templates. Slick. My favourite if I didnt sell hellishly complicated products.
  • Shopify if you want a lovely website & sell products but dont have a massive online T/O (they charge by online sales amount). The blog is function is very limited limited. Easy for beginners. Expensive addons, most on subscription.

-Big Commerce similar to Shopify but not as expensive to sell products. Designs & overall UX not quite as slick. The blog is function is very limited too. Worth a look (free trial)
-Woocommerce if youre a Wordpress expert & happy to add loads of addons - which are actually very cheap. Great for complicated products, pay only for hosting & any work needed. A good designer will get something amazing but because they dont make as much money out of it its less easy to understand. A bit more DIY.

But I use Mac & had no problem with Wix. Its browser based - so I would switch to Firefox if using Safari I I use it & have not encountered problems). Looks like both chrome & IE have some issues.
speakout · 29/07/2020 20:33

I have just created a web site on Wix- really happy with the functionality and tools.
Squaresapec would have been my first choice, but looked more complicated - I don't have the time or energy.

doadeer · 02/08/2020 19:47

It's not well known but I've built 5 websites in Yola and find it very easy and incredibly cheap. You can even build for free to try it out and only pay when you want your custom domain.

All of the websites look professional - id be happy to share the address of one privately or offer advice.

What type of functionality do you need on the sites? How many pages etc?

Daphnesmate01 · 15/08/2020 21:53

I'm in the process of creating a website with Wix. So far so good. Following this thread with interest.

Someonesayroadtrip · 19/08/2020 20:59

Thanks all, wiz finally got back to me with someone who understood the issues I was having and told me how to fix it. I'm pretty pleased with the end result. Very steep learning curve for me.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

OP posts:
Someonesayroadtrip · 19/08/2020 21:00

Wix, not wiz.

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Alberto322 · 24/05/2021 11:37

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FaviolaBrockied · 25/05/2021 13:34

There are a lot of better options out there, trust me. I'm not even sure why Wix is so hyped up in general. Anyway, last year while I was in high school, our school offered prizes for renewing the school website and I came first in that competition, with everything having been done in a site builder. I actually searched for specific templates and stumbled across these which I really liked the look of, and also it's a super easy-to-use builder with tons of useful features. It brought me a win, so I really recommend you try it if you're still looking for one.

KerryBer · 08/06/2021 18:05

I hope the OP has already created a site, but still, I want to add my two cents :) I was in the same boat and needed a website. Being on a budget, I chose Wix. This web builder has great options and offers a wide choice of beautiful templates. Moreover, it is easy to use, so I coped with this work by myself. Of course, there exist other good and website builders like Weebly, Ucraft, Site123, Mozello, WebNode, etc. What helped to make the right choice was a review It provided me with all the necessary details, including pros and cons, so I could compare the web builders and choose a proper one. Hopefully, this source will be helpful for someone else.

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