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How can I find a decent web developer for Shopify for services??

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Thatbitchcarolebaskin · 31/05/2020 21:17


I’m looking to set up a website to sell services. Customers will be encouraged to sign up for a monthly subscription package for this service. Most of them will be tiered based off customer needs and volume of transactions.

I am completely confused trying to connect Shopify with any price tables and payment gateways. I’ve tried looking on Fiverr but I can’t seem to find someone who understands what I’m after. How the hell do I find a developer who can do this?!

OP posts:
Treatedlikeamaid · 18/06/2020 22:09

No idea but am looking for similar!

justasmalltownmum · 11/07/2020 07:06

Try elance

ArryMasca · 22/11/2022 11:03

Yep, elance is good

FexyBring · 22/11/2022 11:20

I think it is a big problem for a lot of people today. We’ve learnt how to use many programs and know the basics of eCommerce, but we sometimes lack the skills to rule it. These skills involve basic knowledge of programming, design and SEO skills. I tried to cope with all these tasks, but it is easier to work in a team. I’ve found a designer on fever who decided to try working with me, and we’re a good team now. However, I don't know if you’ll find a person specifically for these purposes. Maybe you should probably go to elance or try to educate yourself about it on

sociasterling · 16/01/2023 11:37

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Uniquedesignforlife · 21/06/2023 13:37

I use woo commerce for my clients its much easier to set up than shopify x

captainsandyscrew · 27/06/2023 17:31

Square space is also much better for this

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