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Dinner out??

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BuffyFanForever · 05/09/2021 15:47

Hi all just restarted SW just from home for the first time in quite a few years. I’m struggling to know what is appropriate for the plan to eat when out at a restaurant. Any ideas for the best sorts of things to try and get? I know trying to get sauces etc on the side is better but am blank other than that!

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Ricekrispie22 · 06/09/2021 05:48

Ask how vegetables are cooked and if they have any butter on. A meal could sound innocent but if the vegetables are piled with butter then they won't be syn free. Don't be afraid to ask for them without!
Consider the side dishes. If your meal doesn't have salad or vegetables order a side so that you've got lots of syn free food to fill you up.
I will regularly ask for baby boiled potatoes instead of chips or salad instead of buttery vegetables and I am never refused. The restaurant wants you to come back and are usually more than happy to make a few changes.
Consider whether you are drinking alcoholic drinks and plan in advance what you will have so you can stay in control. I often opt to be the nominated driver!
Eat slowly and listen to your body when it starts to tell you it's had enough.
Ask for a coffee or liqueur while the other people on your table are eating dessert.

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