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Slimming World

Breakfast ideas.

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Imtoooldforallthis · 13/08/2021 08:14

Just started slimming world and struggling for breakfast. I like yoghurt and fruit, but not on a morning. I don't have time to cook, and if I batch cook I think I will be tempted to overeat. I had some slimfast porridge sachets which are 99 calories which I have used up with a banana but not sure if they are allowed. The only other thing I've done is take a couple of boiled eggs to work with me, but sometimes that's what I have forlunch. Not keen on overnight oats either, I think it's the cold stodge texture I don't like. Any idea? Or can I just carry on with the slimfast porridge?

OP posts:
spongedod · 13/08/2021 08:18

I would ditch SW and count your calories tbh. This is a great example of the unhealthy methods they get people into. There are so many things you could easily have for breakfast if calories counting, but on SW you can't find much to fit/suit.

I eat

Museli (double portion bc 45g isn't enough)
Bacon roll

I can't imagine having 99 calories for breakfast. It's encouraging disordered eating.

Imtoooldforallthis · 13/08/2021 08:28

Tbh the reason I am doing it is for the weigh in every week as I'm terrible for not sticking to things, so thought I'd try it for 6 weeks and see how I go.

OP posts:
Dozycuntlaters · 13/08/2021 14:06

I totally agree with the above poster, I find it really liberating not to have to count calories.

There are loads of things you can have for breakfast.

I haefat free greek yoghurt and put raspberries and blue berries in it.

You could have toast from your healthy extra b, and have it with a banana

You could make the SW pancakes, just knock up the mix the night before, would take minutes to make

Egg and bacon with tinned tomatoes.

Theres loads of stuff if you take time to read the book and look at recipes. You need to be organised with SW, it's not a stick your head in the freezer and see what you've got.

Dozycuntlaters · 13/08/2021 14:07

Totally disagree that was supposed to say!

spongedod · 13/08/2021 14:40

It might be liberating but it's definitely not a healthy approach to a sustainable weight loss.

Saladd0dger · 13/08/2021 14:44

What about these? You could use different fillings

Rupertpenrysmistress · 13/08/2021 14:46

I know it's not what you want to hear but I agree with spongedod I have eating disorders and have done sw and all the other fad diets, they make food something to be endured and you spend so much time thinking, can I eat this or that? Then you loose the weight but have no idea how to eat healthy. No food is a syn.

I highly recommend reading food is not a medicine by Dr Joshua Wolrich, this has changed my whole opinion of food and dieting. Wish I had read it years ago and may not have developed disordered eating.

spongedod · 13/08/2021 14:53

The obsession with making things like other things but with batshit ingredients too - weetabix fucking cake Confused nah, just have a piece of actual cake and build it into your calories for the day.

Chimchimcharoo · 13/08/2021 16:27

Breakfast ideas
Weetabix with milk and fruit
Museli and Greek yogurt
Bacon, egg, mushroom and tomatoes - stick any/all in a sml whole meal roll if you want to. Have separated or as an omelette.
Porridge - healthy b choice.
Boiled eggs and mackerel
Mackerel on toast

Wallabyone · 23/08/2021 10:49

Slimming World doesn't directly lead to disordered eating. Anything could do this, including calorie counting.
If you keep the main principles - lots of veg and fruit, some protein, some dairy, some fibre and not too much sugar and fat - in mind, it's really great.

Things I have for breakfast:
Toast with peanut butter and sliced banana, with blueberries,
Fruit and fibre
Toast with egg-boiled, fried or scrambled,
Bacon sandwich
Porridge with fruit.

OwlinaTree · 25/08/2021 09:21

Please don't come to the slimming world board to make negative comments about slimming world.

There is a general weight loss board for discussion of different ways to lose weight, and where people can go to get advice on how to do it.

This area is for people who wish to support each other in following slimming world, not listen to other views about how slimming world is wrong.

Thank you.

Twizbe · 25/08/2021 09:42

I love slimming world.

For breakfast I had 2 weetabix with non dairy milk (can have with skimmed milk if you're ok with dairy)

It's all part of your hex a and b allowance. It fills me up until lunch and is easy and quick to do. You can add fruit to it if you want.

One tip I heard at group was to pour your milk allowance into a jug in the morning and use that for the day. Unless you have like 20 cups of tea you'd be hard pressed to use it all I think (but then I don't eat dairy or have milk in my tea)

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