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Evening snack ideas and inspo

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waterlane · 01/03/2021 23:26

Has anyone got any good evening snack ideas? My faves are curly Wurly, alpen light bars and fat free yoghurt with fruit but could do with some good low syn ideas please

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 03/03/2021 06:09

Fibre One chocolate brownie 4 or extra b
Cadbury Fudge bar 6
Mikado – 0.5 each
Smarties mini pack - 3.5
Options hot chocolate sachet - 2
Tesco value white choc and strawberry cereal bar - 4
Soreen banana lunchbox loaf - 4.5
Special K biscuit moments - 5 per pack of 2 biscuits
Aero mousse - 4.5
Flump marshmallow - 2.5
Metcalfe's popcorn cinema sweet 11g pack - 2.5
Morrison’s sweet and salty rice cakes - 1.5 each
Rainbow drops - 4.5 for 25g and as they are so light that is quite a few!
Iced gems - 5

Sallyjo27 · 03/03/2021 06:27

fat free yoghurt fruit and meringue. They vary in syns but after usually below 4 depending, it’s a really nice treat too.

Jelly’s are quite low as well as are angel delights

There is also mini pastry cases with I used to put a tea spoon of biscoff or Nutella in for around 4/5 syns x

DaphneDeloresMoorhead · 19/07/2021 20:08

Salt and pepper sw fries with HEA grated mozzarella melted on top

To do the salt and pepper seasoning you just dry fry sea salt flakes with 5 spice and MSG if you're willing to use it (it make them taste incredible). I do a massive batch abd store it. Use to season your fries, mix I diced sprinkle onion then grated cheese. Grill
Bosh !

DaphneDeloresMoorhead · 19/07/2021 20:10

Aldi authentic fat freeGreek yogurt (the pink tub) topped with frozen black cherries and sweet freedom cinnamon syrup. Makes me feel like I'm in Greece

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