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Syns in frozen ww meals

4 replies

superstar84 · 30/01/2021 09:31

Can anyone please check how many syns in the weight watchers frozen meals?

I can't get the sw ones on our weekly food delivery

OP posts:
ExD1938 · 03/02/2021 11:28

I've tried, without success, but I get a deliver from Iceland once a month and use their ready meals, even though they don't taste brilliant. I am struggling as I've lost my booklets, the ones with the syn values and all the tips.
I wonder if I've packed them away in the attic with the Xmas decorations? I've let my subs lapse from my class and since they issued new cards, I can no longer access syns on line. I suppose I'll have to put my hand in my purse and rejoin.

superstar84 · 03/02/2021 11:36

I've joined a group of Facebook that is fab for syn info

It's called syns r us if it helps you

Your old consultant might sell you the books if you ask

OP posts:
ExD1938 · 03/02/2021 14:56

Thank you superstar, really helpful - I'll have a look at the FB page, I might see you there ! I'll get in touch with Laura our consultant and see if she can do that (though I think she'd prefer my full re-joining fees :( she is in it to make money after all) but I'll ask anyway.

Saladd0dger · 04/02/2021 23:37

You have probably ate it now, but which meal was it?

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