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Slimming World

Is it just a bit rubbish now it’s online?

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Motherchicken · 25/01/2021 11:11

I did slimming world about 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. Lost 3st and kept it off. So I am a big advocate, my mum decided she would finally give it a go. So she joined her local group. Since joining her consultant has barely spoken to her, cancelled meetings, took over 2 weeks to get her books, and has not really offered any support. My mum has started to question what she has paid for and why not just do the online membership. She didn’t even have a welcome meeting, so only has a vague understanding of the plan from what she has read. Is this the standard now? No welcome meeting? No slimming tips? Sharing experiences? Or was my consultant just amazing in comparison? Plus the meetings are on zoom and she doesn’t pay for membership so after 45 minutes the meeting cuts off. Is this normal?

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amymel2016 · 25/01/2021 11:17

Sounds like she’s been unlucky with her consultant OP. I rejoined this January (after having my DS) and I had a welcome meeting (on zoom), had my pack delivered in a few days and have had lots of support and checking in from my consultant both via WhatsApp/texts and Facebook. Could she swap to another in her area? The consultant should also set the zoom meeting so if it goes over 45 minutes everyone can still be in it as the consultant should be paying for full membership (I think that’s how it works!). It’s not as good as in person and it sounds like your Mum has had a worse deal but the right consultant can make it work.

Motherchicken · 25/01/2021 16:07

It’s such a shame I had a really good experience and hoped she would have the same. I was a bit shocked when there was no welcome meeting. I think it’s different being introduced with a meeting vs being told to look on the app to find out what to do.

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TeaOneSugar · 07/02/2021 12:14

I'd agree, look for a different consultant, doesn't even need to be someone local at the moment and she can swap when they go back to face to face.

I started back in the first lockdown, groups were open but not the same as they used to be, I carried when they swapped to zoom, back to group, back to zoom. I had to change consultants because mine left, but both were brilliant, always on the end of a text and a supportive Facebook group. DP joined during the second lockdown and had a new member talk over zoom, the new app is also excellent.

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