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LuckyAugust · 02/01/2021 22:07

Hi everyone. Well I've decided to give SW another go! I had planned on buying the latest general guide pack, eating out guide and food directory from ebay but guessing the eating out guide and food directories are no longer published as nothing I can see prior to 2019? My only option is to join online which I can't really afford right now but I don't see that I have any other option.

So questions as follows-

  1. Is the £20 a month fee worth it?

2. If you follow on your own is there anywhere else you can buy the guidance books from?

3. If you use the app does it 'rollover' syns into the next day if you don't use them? My plan was to save them up during the week to have more flexibility with meals on a weekend and if I'm paying for the app I'd rather not have to keep a separate log to record my syns.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated 😀 x
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Saladd0dger · 02/01/2021 22:11

I’m a online member. The books you have listed aren’t in the online shop. Only recipe books.

REDreader · 02/01/2021 22:15

Ahhhh no. The food directory was like my bible last time I did it and what I wanted the most. Looks like I can get the starter pack off ebay. Thanks for replying 😀

fairydustandpixies · 02/01/2021 22:16

Contact your GP and see if they have a wellbeing service. I've been referred to my local one as I'm ridiculously obese and can't afford SW or WW.

MeowPurrGrr · 18/01/2021 17:27

I’m following this as thinking of trying SW again. I’ve been a using WW on and off for the past few years with good success but struggling to get motivated at the mo. WW had an amazing app, I’m curious what the SW is like, I don’t like using books and writing in diaries so is it all via the app now?
Also do you still have to pay upfront for 3 months or so?

BigFatLiar · 18/01/2021 17:29

There is a slimming world blog you can access without being a member.

DeltaAlphaDelta · 18/01/2021 17:33

Syns dont roll over to the next. I have done it myself in the past, but its not something thats officially recommended, like I think WW used to do (or possibly still does). Im 4.5 stone down with SW so far, with about 1 to go. Good luck!

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